My Favourite Influencer Collaborations…

Like myself, many of you have probably spent your time watching YouTube to pass the time or to follow your favourite influencers. I follow a few influencers on YouTube and they’re fantastic! I find it very entertaining.

One thing I love about the influencers that I watch is that they have made some fantastic collaborations with brands, not just to promote themselves, but to sell products with their favourite brands.

Below are 3 of my favourite influencer collaborations:

1. Molly-Mae Hague’s First Pretty Little Thing Collection

Molly Mae as soon as coming out of love island was straight into a massive deal with Pretty Little Thing. This led to a whole collection being designed by her and the PLT Team. I haven’t tried any of the clothes personally but the way the advertisement was put together is something I remember, especially when I hear Aitch’s song now. I just think it worked so well and I love that her second collection has had all its money donated to charities, especially at a time like this.

2. Soph X Skinny Dip Collection

Soph is one of my favourite Youtubers and one I look up to. Soph is very unique and she has 2 fantastic collaborations with Revolution Beauty and now with Skinny Dip. I love Soph’s first collection! It’s unique, I love the stars and moons and it just shows her personality in her collection. She also did a meet and greet when first launched her collaboration which I thought was nice for fans to meet her. There is a second collection on the way… watch this space!

3. Roxxsaurus X Revolution Beauty

Roxy so far has released 2 collections with Revolution Beauty and it has been a massive success! I love this collection and I have one of her eyeshadow palettes, her highlighter palette and some lip products on the way (part of her new collection)! I was so fascinated with her second collection advert, the fact it was filmed in her garage by her fiancé Matt.

That is my favourite 3 collaborations… what’s yours?

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